Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Twelve Steps of Blogging or Post Your Blog As Soon As You Are Done Writing

Blogging has become my slight addiction. It could be worse I suppose. Although I haven't been blogging myself, I still read others blogs. I don't know if I am weird or may have a slight voyeuristic side to me. I am not the best person with connecting. I find it hard to really get to know others.

I know that is why I love poems. They get at the person. No holes barred.

Well, I had a much longer post, but I screwed up with the computer somehow.

Someone should invent a twelve step program for bloggers. As well as finding a higher power, it should include finding a
rockin lover---one you could call on any time and they would come---ready to find romance or hold you---whatever the situation intended. If more twelve step programs came with this step, I'm sure many more people would be willing to stop drinking and using drugs.

My mind is in weird places. I need to work on my thesis. If my teacher doesn't see some work, she's going to think I put the pen up and took up needlework.

I hate revising. It needs to be done. But when is too much. I am the crazy madwoman of editing. It will pull things together better. I'm tossing around a few titles: 7th and Providence, Patchwork, or Putting Down Roots. Don't know yet. I have to get some work out to my professor before she thinks I quit.

Plus, it keeps me from writing new poems. I have a short story about a girl with an Elvis obsession on the back burner. There is more to it, but...too much to get into here. I will have to post a section here.

Miss my friends. Erin is hiking the trail next March. She has such a cool adventurous spirit. She should have been hanging out with Kerouac and Ginsberg. The Diane Diprima of our time.

I will leave with a poem. Happy Valentine's Day.

No roses here. Only very sketchy slightly man hating poetry. Not too man hating. I'd still like a wedding without orthopedic shoes and hanging skin, thank you.


I dream alchemy.
The scientist
dares to change
my skin to gold.

I dance for him
in pastel
delivering the perfect ballet
of pink, purple, blue.

Making love, love-
requires mixing pheromones:
a most unbalanced equation.

I fold into
the wooden chair near
the bed.

My body hides
under a ratty white blanket
of curiosity.
I curl in a fetal position
and ignite.


Blogger LKD said...

Good damn poem! Geez. I dream alchemy. What a helluva good first line.

Do you post on any of the boards anymore? I was going to offer one tiny nit, but I always hesitate on blog because I figure most folks are posting their poems more to be read than to be critted.

I'll go ahead and mention this wee wee nit and hope it doesn't make you grit your teeth. And hey, if you ever feel like offering nits, or crits of anything I post, hell, do so! I rarely post on any of the boards anymore, so I'm mostly relying on the critic in my head which isn't always that reliable.

"Of curiosity." I'd cut it. I'd hide that body under the ratty blanket (god, I love that word ratty) and let it ignite sans curiosity.

I dream alchemy.

Glad I read your poem.

And hey, I'm in love with that bit of Joe you posted above. Is it a character sketch?

8:20 AM  
Blogger ejs said...

In the twelve step program, "finding a rockin' lover" as part of your program is called the 13th step. Usualy, eventualy, after the instant gratification, leads to more drinking than sobriety. Sometimes refered to as co-dependancy.

Personaly I find the opposite to be true, poetry is aloof and no good way to know anybody as they are. Unless someone so identifies themselves a a poet, which is gag me with a spoon tedious.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

S'up. My cousin had a wedding w/out orthopedic shoes but she had plenty of the hanging skin cause she used to weigh approx. 200 but she went on a low-carb tuna-fish only crash diet. Figured that was good for a laugh. If you don't mind another suggestion on the poem, I think Alchemy or the Alchemist or somethng referring to the King Midas story like Midas Touch would make a really cool title

11:57 AM  
Blogger J Malcolm said...

I completely agree with laurel.
Cut and burn "Of curiosty"
Otherwise it is an amazing poem. Thank-you so much for sharing

7:59 AM  
Blogger Patry Francis said...

"find a rockin lover" ooh, isn't that the greatest addiction of all. Love your poem though.

9:16 AM  

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